The Sweet 16

23 04 2008
For those of us breaking bad habits and unwanted behavior patterns, we have to remain active in designing our lives.  We simply cannot allow the past to overwhelm our present or derail our future.  We can’t just be passive, letting life do whatever it wants with us.  If we do what we’ve always done, (which in many people’s case is NOTHING) then things don’t get better, they seem to get worse.  If we truly want to (BE)TTER for ourselves, our family and our future, we have to do something about it.
So with that in mind, here are 16 practical suggestions for replacing bad habits with healthy ones.
 1. MAKE LIKE MOSES – For a time, separate yourself from the people, surroundings and circumstances that contribute to repeating bad behavior.
 2. RECRUIT A HEALING HELPER – Having someone close to you who is trustworthy, believes in you and encourages your efforts will further empower you to (BE)TTER.
 3. CHECK YOUR MIRROR – Regularly look at yourself to get honest about where you are right now.  Do you like what you see?  What adjustments need to be made?
 4. REASSIGN PAST PAIN – Decide not to allow the past to discourage you but let it be a marker to encourage you about how far you’ve come and what you’ve learned from those experiences.
 5. READ! READ! READ! – Find books on subjects that interest you and develop the desire to read for knowledge and sometimes just for fun.
 6. KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON – Realize there are no magic cures to make bad habits disappear overnight.  Life is an endurance sport but the prizes are worth the pain.
 7. REJECT THE REJECTION SUGGESTIONS – Eject the thoughts of unworthiness and ugliness and replace them with quality memories, experiences and relationships.
 8. DON’T BE A DWELLER – The mind can only consider a limited number of issues at one time.  Don’t dwell on the past.  Rather, contemplate the new quality of life.
 9. RESPOND, DON’T REACT – Practice keeping your spirit in the right spot – on top and in control of your body, mind and emotions.
10. ACT AS IF – You ARE a work of art, so act as if you are valuable.  Take good care of yourself.  Carry yourself with confidence and expect goodness to follow you.
11. REACH OUT – To help yourself, help others.  When you give of your time, talent, energy and money to invest in a cause, you’ll see yourself get better.
12. GET GRATEFUL – Deciding to be thankful for what you have will take you off “Victim Island” and put you back into reality to see how good you actually have it.
13. HAVE A HOBBY – Hobbies will help move your mind away from somber issues, stimulate creativity, acquire new knowledge and form new relationships.
14. PURSUE PASSION – By practicing the basic necessities of daily prayer, Bible reading and Godly fellowship, your passion will present itself from inside of you.
15. LAUGH. A LOT. – Doctors say that the inner organs are given a massage during a hearty laugh.  The Bible says laughing is like medicine.  Laugh to live long.
16. SMILE – Notify your facial muscles that you have decided to be a shining, contagious example of what God can do in a person’s life.  Go ahead, smile and the world will smile with you.
There you have it.  16 Inspired Ideas for Better Life.  
Try one or try ’em all to (BE)TTER.  Let me know how it goes.



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