The Wave

15 04 2008

Out running yesterday I saw something unusual. As I spotted a fellow runner approaching, I noticed she was struggling with each step. When I got close enough to give her the runner’s wave, she smiled and weakly returned the wave.

The interesting part was that when she waved, I saw a pack of cigarettes in her hand! Then I realized why she seemed to be laboring so hard, she was probably out of breath and hadn’t built up her wind yet.

Now you may think I’m going to lecture about the dangers of smoking, but I’m not. Granted, smoking and running don’t seem to be the most effective combination, but the point is, at least she was running in between puffs. She gets an “A” for effort in my book.

Many people thinking about the decision to (BE)TTER in life are waiting until the day they have conquered other bad habits before even attempting to improve in another area. The problem is, that day never comes and the life they have dreamed of seems to move further and further away.

That kind of thinking reminds me of a saying I’ve heard since I was a kid: God catches His fish before He cleans them. Basically that means we don’t have to fix everything on our own. Just come to God, just as we are, messes and all. He’ll take us in, love and transform us, making us better and better and better.

My deal is, even if we’ve not perfected every area of our lives, don’t let that stop other efforts to get better.

Let’s do what we’re able.
God will do the rest.




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