Keep The Faith

10 04 2008

The other night after speaking, I met a family whose story broke my heart and inpired me at the same time. They told me their 15 year old daughter had been kidnapped 116 days before and that the police were now no longer actively involved in searching for her.

The mother smiled, yes smiled, as she told me that although she still often cries, she hasn’t missed a day of work since their ordeal began. The father then told me they set a place for their daughter at the dinner table every night and visualize the celebration that will occur when she returns, walking through the front door of their home.

They were laughing and joking around as they went on to tell me how so much of what I had spoken about was just for them, encouraged them to hold on and fired up their faith to stay strong.

I can say the same thing about them.

Their faith and upbeat attitude in the midst of living a horrific nightmare are more than enough to invigorate you and I to, no matter what, keep the faith.

If they can do it, we can do it.




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