1 04 2008

As a kid in Sunday School they used to have contests of boys against girls to see who could memorize and recite the most verses of scripture each week. The winning team would win prizes, usually some form of super-sugary candy.

Every single time, one of us would say, “Jesus wept,” because as the shortest verse in the Bible from John 11:35, it was the easiest to remember.

Reading that verse now, I see it a lot differently than just an easy ticket to candy. Jesus was expressing grief with the family of a man named Lazarus who had just died. And having been close friends with Lazarus and his 2 sisters, Jesus was genuinely sad for those surviving and sorry about losing a friend.

The Savior of the World cared enough to show emotion and empathy alongside a grieving family. I find that character trait in our Savior to be very endearing. We all feel better knowing we have someone who will be happy with us or hurt with us when we need it.

We will all (BE)TTER at handling life as it comes knowing He’s not just a “Big God,” He’s also a true friend, not only way back then but right here and now.




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5 04 2008

What a friend we have in Jesus. thanks for reminding me.

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