Mind Game

27 03 2008

Remember that old saying parents and teachers used to tell us when we were growing up, “You can do anything if you set your mind to it?”

Well, USA TODAY recently had an article on Tiger Woods, about how he is getting better and better and just may be the best athlete who has ever lived. Quoting several people who know Tiger, they discussed reasons why he is so dominating, agreeing that his strongest asset as his ‘mind game.’

When he was 14, Tiger began training with a psychologist who coached him in methods for relaxation, visualization and focus. Motivational tapes, studying how the mind works and mental drills became a high priority early in his life.

The Living Bible, in Isaiah 26:3, gives us our own mental drill for relaxation and focus: “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, whose thoughts are fixed on you.”

A sharp, yet relaxed mentality does not happen by accident. A determination to never freak out but always filter our thoughts through God’s words will uncover our talents, sharpen our minds and improve our abilities.

Training our minds to see life through a heavenly point of view helps us to
(BE)TTER & better every day on earth.




2 responses

27 03 2008

Amen!!! That was a great comparisson and I couldn’t agree more! Thats a word for my wife right there!

5 04 2008

So true. What we think about becomes our reality. If we think about negative things, we get more negativity flowing into our lives. If we think of prosperity, we get more of that. Sometimes its easy to get shaken by trials in our life, but that’s when our mind set has to be secure on things above and our faith needs to be solid.

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