Happy Friday

25 03 2008

Happy Good Friday!

Have you ever had, not just “one of those days,” but one of those WEEKS? Jesus did.

His week started out so good with the people celebrating His triumphant arrival in Jerusalem on Sunday. Then it was pretty much all downhill from there.

He was betrayed by one of the 12 people closest to Him. Arrested by officials and deserted by the other 11 disciples. Falsely accused and put on trial. Then at the trial, Peter, the one who said he’d never leave Jesus, loudly swore he never even knew Him. 3 times.

He was stripped of His clothes and soldiers gambled right in front of Him to see who could keep them. He was ridiculed, spit on, and beaten severely. Then sentenced to death like a criminal and forced to carry His own cross up the hill in front of a hostile crowd, the very same crowds that were cheering Him a few days earlier.

On that hill He was then nailed, hands and feet, to that cross. With the past, present and future sin, sickness and death of all humanity on His shoulders, He was then lifted up to die.

He endured the most hellacious week ever for me and for you. All so we can live a Better Life.

What are we doing about it?

So, how’s YOUR week?




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