Hit In The Head

10 03 2008

Are you anything like me and sometimes notice that a lot of your mental energy gets drained by feeling bad about yourself?

You know those thoughts I’m talking about: Things you wish you’d have said or done differently; stuff you don’t like about yourself and just general feelings of guilt and regret. They hit you, start building up in the brain and before you know it, you’ve worked up a full-on self-pity party.

The problem is, when we feel bad about ourselves, we tend to isolate ourselves, which depresses us even more. And if we HAVE to be around people, we end up spilling our bad mood onto them.

A boost for our brains comes from where Romans 8:1 says, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

Condemning thoughts and feelings are the devil’s full-time job and he works overtimes on one of his prime targets, our self-image. He hates us so he relentlessly whispers dark thoughts in our ears, trying to get us to hate ourselves.

To (BE)TTER, we have to constantly remind ourselves that our God is the Light of the world, not the prince of darkness. Our thoughts about the future should be so bright, we need a good pair of shades.

The next time you recognize a dark cloud of self-loathing forming in your head, shake it off like a cartoon character does after getting hit in the head. Then start thanking God that He’s working in you to break bad habits and build a Better Life than you’ve ever dreamed!




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