Loving Memory

29 02 2008

When someone dies, the people that knew them often say, “She was a good woman,” or “He was a good man.” Well, my Grandpa, Fred Smolchuck, just passed away a few days ago and he was indeed a very good man.

As the patriarch of the Smolchuck family, (No, he never took to my “Smalls” nickname) Grandpa lived a selfless life in God’s service, accomplishing so much and touching so many. For more than 90 years through all his travels, spoken and written words, he truly provided the “living water” Jesus talked about.

As my wife and I make our way to Springfield, Missouri to join my family in laying his body to rest next to that of his loving wife of over 50 years, I can only imagine how wondrously happy he is to have been reunited with my Grandma on the streets of gold.

As always happens with the passing of someone we love, we remember the good times and wish we had spent more time with them. Don’t let that happen to you. Tell your loved ones that you love them. And don’t just tell them, show them by making every effort to be with them every chance you get. That will help all of us to (BE)TTER.

If you would, please keep my family in your prayers this week as we gather to celebrate my Grandpa’s life.

If you’d like, you can read some of the details about my Grandpa’s life and many accomplishments in his obituary.
Here’s the link:




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