25 02 2008

You know how its said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? I think so often people have just as hard of a time learning. Probably the easiest trick dogs learn is to “stay,” and usually it is the one we find as the most difficult.

We don’t like to stay put in one place. We don’t want to sit still and just BE. We’re eating french fries and surfing the internet with our ipod in one ear and our cellphone on the other – all while driving! Its almost like we wear attention-deficit as a badge of honor, excusing us from ever having to put our focus on one thing at a time.

God said in Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

I heard a preacher say one time, “If the devil can’t get in front of you to stop you, he’ll get behind you and push you too fast.” Think about it: Do you ever do just one thing at a time any more?

Many times in stillness is where we find the answers we need. If we will shut out distractions and take time out to be quiet as a human being instead of a human do-ing, God will clarify what’s cloudy and point us in the right direction to (BE)TTER.




One response

26 02 2008

this is very wise.

I’ve had a couple of silent retreats and come away convinced of the necessity of having silence and solitude in my life.

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