Crucial Conversations

8 02 2008

How about a nice little bit of encouragement?

If we’re honest, you and I, at one time or another end up questioning ourselves about where we are in life and if we are actually in the right place. When we are unsure of ourselves, nothing is better for us than a nice dose of good old fashioned encouragement.

Here’s one older than any of us from Isaiah 49:1:
“Before I was born the Lord called me; from my birth He has made mention of my name.”

Do you know what I get from that verse? Since before I was a “gleam in my Daddy’s eye,” God has been talking about me. He has been proclaiming to others around Him in heaven what He is going to do with my life.

So whenever you or I wonder if we are where we’re supposed to be at this point in our lives, remember that heaven has been planning our path longer than we have been alive. And He certainly has contingency plans in place to make up for any of our misguided attempts at planning our own course.

Feel out of step? Consult the Master plan. Ask God for guidance back on the track to Better Life.




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