Balancing Act

31 01 2008

The first words of 1 Peter 5:8 in the Amplified Bible say simply, “Be well balanced…”

Those three words have been rattling around in my brain for a few weeks now with a multitude of ideas about how they can apply to almost anything.

With this being Super Bowl week, I thought about how each team has to prepare a well balanced game plan for their offense and defense. The sports guys call it a balanced attack. If one team’s offense only passes or only runs the ball, the other team will figure it out and shut them down. Same goes for the different types of defensive schemes each team uses.

What’s that got to do w/ our game plan to (BE)TTER? We have all heard someone say, “Everything in moderation,” right? Well, there is a lot of truth to that way of thinking.

It helps when we realize that our whole lives are made up of only about 7 main areas. So for example, if we spend all our time at work and focused on money, then our health, emotions, relationships, spirituality and everything else gets neglected. We may get off balance and get knocked over.

My point: Spread the love. Focus on the big picture to bring balanced Better Life.




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