Hope Chest

21 01 2008

Lately hopelessness has been bringing a lot of good people down. So many of us have this picture in our minds of the way we wish things were but almost get depressed because in reality we feel so far away from it. Numb as we go through the motions of life, the dull ache in our chest grows as the hope in our heart fades.

Occasionally we all need a little reminder that the road of life is not always a smooth ride paved with gold, there are pot holes and pit stops along the way.

There are points in the journey that are genuinely golden like milestone achievements and new opportunities, but our challenge is during the rough patches and long stretches in the road where nothing on earth even seems to be happening. That is when disappointment and frustration can set in and cause hope to falter.

To x-ray our chest pains, look what God said in Isaiah 49:23: “Those who hope in me will not be disappointed.”

So the question is, where is your hope?
In order to melt the pain and (BE)TTER, we have to make sure the hope in our chest is not only in things on earth, but it’s anchored in heaven.




One response

21 01 2008

It is wonderful to know that our hope in life is in the Lord. With all the sadness, anger, terror and fear that abounds today it is refreshing to hear about God’s hope. In all of life’s challenges in it encouraging to read God’s Word and see verses that you referenced and realize that all is not lost. Being a child of God gives us a hope that is different from human hope and it allows us a perspective on life that is clearer and from a higher vantage point. All is not lost, there is always hope in the Lord.

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